Why They Pair Well; Frankie’s Top Cocktail and Wine Food Pairing

The combination of food and drink is the best way to create the perfect balance between the senses via taste perception. These different combinations allow us to enhance some flavors and reduce others; allowing us to see food not only as nutrition but as a moment of true joy and satisfaction.

Frankie’s Favorites: 8 Cocktail and Food Pairings That Belong Together

Yes, you can go ahead and just have a glass of wine or beer with your meal but there is an art in both drinking and dining, where flavors are combined to perfection. Here are our top 8 Food & Cocktails favorites, presenting delicious and sometimes unexpected food and cocktail combinations.

Frankie’s Mojito & Fish Snacks

The best match with Mojitos or other sharp rum cocktails like Cuba Libre is fish snacks like our delicious Chikuwa Tempura for just the right tang and crunch.

Nachos & Margarita

What matches better than a fresh Margarita and a plate of nachos! We have a variety of Margaritas that pair well with our Spanish Style Nachos and Cheese, or if you are in for more tang, then Texas-style Chicken Wings are even better.

Grasshopper & a Chocolate dessert

Try the mint-flavored and heavenly drink of Grasshopper with our chocolate dessert, the forbidden Choco lava cake. Want to pair it with something lighter? Then go for our exotic Sliced tropical fruits.

Dry Martini & Chicken Specials

The classic Martinis pair well with our Singaporean Style Fried Chicken Cubes, Authentic Indonesian Satay, Chinese Seafood Dim Sum, and anything salty-sweet.

Long Island & Grilled Meats

Pair your Long Island Cocktail glass with our juicy Grilled Rack of American Lamb or our buttery Jamaican Jerk Chicken for just the right taste and texture.

Sex on the Beach &Fish Fingers

Sex on the Beach Cocktail goes well with a classic English Fish and Chips plate or even the delicious Deep-Fried Japanese Shishamo Fish.

Tequila Sunrise & Mexican Food

The authentic Mexican drink meets with Mexican delicacies; flavors of crisp Tequila Sunrise come together with a taste of North Mexican Fajitas, Quesadillas a la Mexicana, or Tacos a la Mexicana.

Cosmopolitan & Salmon

The classic Cosmopolitan Cocktail is best paired with cheesy bites but can also be paired with sophisticated dishes like our Grilled Norwegian Salmon.

The Principle Behind Our Combinations

We refer to food combinations to help us develop and propose interesting pairs where contrast leads to balance. For instance, a strong taste will always be balanced by a drink of the opposite quality to create an overall harmonious taste. The strong the taste is, the easier it will be to match.

The Analysis of Wine and Food Pairing

To analyze our food and drink pairings, we evaluate the prominent aromas so that master perfumers find the perfect balance. We then move to the flavor stage to determine the intensity of specific characteristics, such as acidity, sweetness, and bitterness. The final analysis is more strategic when it comes to gastronomy, in which consistency is checked. We really need to think of wine, not as a one-dimensional drink, but one that stands out in its endless sensory variations.

Accompany your seafood meal like our Pan-Seared Chilean Sea Bass with a glass of White or Rosé Wine, or glass of our delightful Casanova. You can also order your sophisticated dishes like our Japanese Wagyu Saikoro Steak or Filipino Pork Knuckle with a glass of wine from our Red Wine menu.

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