Drink Up; Non-Alcoholic Menu Specials

Frankie’s is a restaurant and lounge bar located in the heart of Jakarta. We have introduced a new menu, to draw in customers who do not want to drink alcohol. This article will be discussing the new drinks and other menu items being offered as part of Frankie’s “sober options.”

Mocktail Fun

In terms of mocktails, Frankie’s has been able to create some original and interesting non-alcoholic drinks. Our skilled bartenders have combined the recipes that have been around for some years with new and interesting ideas. I thought it would be fun to see what our specialties are!

We offer a full range of mocktails made with all-natural ingredients. In addition, a version of our drinks can be found on our website for those who cannot make it to the bar.

A Healty Dose of Fruit Juices

As summer continues to heat up, Frankie’s has been thinking about some cool new additions to our menu. Not only our fruit juice recipes are sweet, but they also add a healthy dose of vitamins to your day.

Frankie’s serves many non-alcoholic drinks, including Lemonade & Orange Juice, Coconut Water, Ginger Ale, and more. We serve you with freshly squeezed juices made with fresh fruit and vegetables and always ensure that the ingredients are fresh to satisfy any palate.

Caffeinated Bliss

Our coffee menu works for both summer and winter. It offers a rich combination of masterfully roasted and brewed coffee beans, and several different and tasty recipes. A Cappuccino with heart or a pair of angel wings on top of the mug, authentic Italian Espresso, long-glass Americana coffee, or if you feel a bit adventurous, try our Irish coffee with a dash of Irish whisky and perhaps a few spoons of luscious Baily’s. Check out our bartender’s Saturday cocktails for more alcoholic drink specials.

The Non-alcoholic menu features the “Honey-comb” made with milk, honey, and espresso. It can be enjoyed hot or cold! We also serve teas, hot chocolate, and other drinks on your order.

Delicious Sweets and Desserts

What really goes well with our cold or hot drinks could be one of our special desserts to finish a meal or simply enjoy it as a snack.

Frankie’s Non-alcoholic specials are matched with a wide range of desserts and sweets. There is something for everyone, even those who are gluten-free or vegan. The list includes American Cheesecake, French Souffle, Brownies, Sliced Tropical Fruits, and more.

Visit Us in Jakarta

Frankie’ is always looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd. Not only are we famous for our amazing food, but we also have a menu of delicious non-alcoholic options to make sure that everyone has a good time!

With Frankie’s Non-alcoholic menu, you can enjoy all your favorite drinks – espresso, latte, iced coffee, and other fruity favorites without the alcohol!

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