5 Reasons to Check Out Frankie’s, Jakarta’s Brand New Restaurant

Frankie’s restaurant is a place to unwind, yet it has a high level of service. Read what Frankie’s restaurant offers and see if this is the right place for your next event.

What Makes Us Stand Out

When you’re in Jakarta, Indonesia, and you’re craving a great meal, Frankie’s is the place to go. The restaurant offers food for all tastes like Indonesian, Japanese, European, and Indian cuisine, and our menu offers our Chef’s Specials every day. Here are five reasons why this restaurant is worth checking out!

Great Location

Frankie’s restaurant is named as a destination for great food and service at the heart of Jakarta. It’s designed to be both relaxing and satisfying, with customer satisfaction being a top priority.

Wherever you are in central Jakarta, our restaurant is close to you, so it’s never difficult to find parking.

Delectable Menu

The continental menu ranges from basic fare to more extravagant dishes.

However, we take pride in our eclectic menu of European and Asian dishes. Additionally, our food is delicious and well-priced!

Guests can enjoy their time here by sitting at the bar section where waiters can serve them. The restaurant also has indoor seating in case you want to enjoy private conversations.

Because of our location, our menu particularly features a wide variety of Asian cuisines. What’s great is that they use organic and locally sourced ingredients. Our signature dishes include Burmese Chili Chicken, Curry Poultry with Rice, Japanese Seafood, and more.

Impeccable Service

Frankie’s provides excellent service with a relaxed ambiance that makes it a perfect place for dinner, supper or just drinks with friends.

Courteous Staff

When you enter the restaurant, you’re greeted by our friendly staff, who will lead you to your table. The waiters are also courteous and attentive. They give you a quick overview of the menu and ask if they can get anything for you right away.

Our staff is known for excellent manners, politeness and attentive to your needs. While the environment has a relaxed but vibrant quality, it is also comfy and homely to enjoy a quiet and peaceful evening. 

Relaxing Ambient

Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic evening or trying to impress a client, Frankie’s is a restaurant with something for everyone. Our lounge and restaurant also have a nice ambiance; pleasant music in the background is our signature.

Visit Us for a Delightful Time

Our restaurant is a place where friends and family will linger over dinner, supper and cocktails. We have branches in several countries and are now in Indonesia to bring a brand new feel, carrying our good reputation with us- popular for its relaxed ambiance and attentive service.

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