All About Frankie’s Lounge

Here is an overall of what happens at this lounge that they’re so darn proud of It.

Frankie’s restaurant is totally an original and different habit. The environment is characterized by an elegant setting curated by important names of trendy interior design.

Hospitality and Happy Hour

Frankie’s dream is to bring a first-class restaurant and lounge to central Jakarta. At Frankie’s, you will experience delicious continental cuisine with authentic hospitality and live music. In addition, we plan to invite diverse local musicians and offer them the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Here, you will find an active spot for Saturday and Sunday supper, or just a place to hang out late into the night. It has plenty of room for groups that are partaking in hours of socializing. However, if you are looking for a lounge setting, we offer a lounge may be more your style. Check on our website, or contact us to book a place in our lunch during our happy hours. This way, you can enjoy your favorite drink and snack on our delicious continental snacks at lower prices.

Cocktail & Wine Bar

Our lounge is your go-to restaurant when you want drinks near an attractive central Jakarta. So whether you’re meeting friends for a cocktail, enjoying a romantic date, or looking for a place to linger after dinner, we have the perfect spot for each occasion. With cocktails, wine, and champagne list with an extensive and original choice, we also offer a casual yet timeless ambiance in an exclusive setting in Jakarta.

We offer different types of draft beers to satisfy Asian, American, and European tastes. Beer drinkers can rejoice in our rare imported line of Desperados, as well as Stella Artois, Beckys, Heineken, and Corona. In addition to this state-of-the-art brewery, customers have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of cocktails and beers.

Live Music Set

Frankie’s Restaurant Lounge Bar is a versatile place with a bar and a restaurant. It offers food from 06:30 to 2:00 AM, as well as drinks that are served from 06:30-01:00. Our restaurant is always ready to welcome the hungry and thirsty.

Every night is different, with fresh and flavorful menus on the weekends. With live music and DJ sets, you will always have something to enjoy without sacrificing your experience at Restaurant Lounge.

Most importantly, we broadcast the sports events for our guests, making our evenings addicting. The Restaurant Lounge has two TVs dedicated to the sport, broadcasting everything from Serie A to the most important sporting events.

Visit our new bar and try our wide selection of the best international wines, while enjoying our music.

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